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Let us plan your higher education group travel!

3 Steps Travel plans travel for higher education groups like athletics, bands, choirs, and clubs.

In only 3 Steps... Your Group is Traveling!

Step 1

Tell us where you want to go.

Step 2

Tell us how many are traveling.

Step 3

Tell us how long you'll be there.

That's it!

Our #1 goal is to support education through classic student tours and other travel opportunities. When travel is convenient and affordable, it adds tremendously to the value of the educational experience.


Planning trips for university students is a huge undertaking. It involves coordinating travel plans, lodging, meals, events and much more. Take the burden off of the university faculty and let one of the best student travel companies, 3 Steps Travel, handle it!

Save time planning and scheduling
Single payment or pay by participant
24/7 support with tour guide services available
Deep discounts through partner pricing
Curriculum aligned experience based on education standards

Ready for us to plan your University trip?

University Trip Ideas

These destinations can be fully customized by our educational travel company to meet your needs.


Tournaments and Bowl Games

Travel arranged with comfort and convenience in mind to help athletic teams perform at their highest level.


Concerts and Events

Supporting the arts is a foundation of the higher education experience. 


Educational tours

Bring education to life with on-location learning to enhance the curriculum and bring the lessons to life.

*Prices may vary based on the number of participants and time of year.

Additional education tourist trip ideas: Trip T-Shirts, Professional Sports Games, Pre-Paid Meals.... We handle it all!

Already have a trip scheduled? Click Here!

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